Altea, a charming gem in the Mediterranean

The Costa Blanca is full of wonderful places, but Altea stands out among them all, being one of the favourite tourist destinations. The unique charm of Altea is due to the fact that it has managed to maintain its essence as a typical Mediterranean coastal town. Cobbled streets, white houses and flowers in every corner embellish the facades of this magical place where time seems to have stopped, in a good way.

And the Mediterranean Sea permeating everything is undoubtedly the key to the charm that attracts thousands of people from all over the world to visit. Its all-year-round cultural activity is especially present in the summer, making it even more popular with tourists. Its bohemian air makes it so unique that we guarantee you will keep wanting to return here.


What to see in Altea

Despite its small size, Altea has a lot to offer, making it one of the most beautiful and visited towns in Spain. It’s perfect to visit it in the morning or afternoon, but if you have time, we would recommend that you spend one or two days here, and you will soon find out why it is also known as “The Jewel of Alicante”. The following places are, in our opinion, the most beautiful places in Altea that you should definitely visit:

1_ The old quarter

It is here that you will find the true essence of Altea: cobbled streets, small white houses decorated with flowers, small craft stalls, arches and viewpoints. The historical quarter is a beautiful labyrinth of magical corners and spectacular viewpoints overlooking the sea, where you will undoubtedly stop to take pictures. Although you will have to climb several hills to get to its top, the panoramic views from there are worth the effort.

A visit to the Church of Our Lady of Consolation is a must, famous for its large blue domes that are typical of Alicante.


2_ The Beaches of Altea

The coastline of this beautiful town stretches to nearly six kilometres and its pebble rather than sand beaches have many advantages. The best of them is that usually they are not overcrowded, and this is one of the strongest points of Altea. You can play different types of games if you go with family or with children and the day is calmer.

The closest beaches to the town are La Roda and El Espigón, with their embankments where you can enjoy Alicante cuisine while admiring the sea. Further north you can find other beaches such as Cap Negret and La Olla, which is pet friendly.


3_ Altea la Vella

Altea la Vella (translated from Valencian as Altea la Vieja) is a little-known district of Altea that is most worth visiting. Its origin and history date back to medieval times, and after being depopulated and abandoned for a long time, today it feels quieter than Altea, but has a similar charm, with narrow cobbled streets surrounded by white houses and flowers. It is located 4 kilometres from Altea, and you can get there on foot from the nearby town or by car.


4_ St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church

Despite the fact that this Russian church is located a little away from the town centre, it is worth a visit. It was the first church of such style built in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century, and is an architectural marvel made of wood and gold leaf, located in the middle of a forest. It is not difficult to get to, but you will have to drive from Altea along the N-332 motorway towards the Mascarat tunnel.


5_ Hiking routes

If you like walking, you can choose from 6 routes of varying lengths (from 3 to 8 kilometres) approved by the town hall. These routes appeal to the adventurous, and we can highly recommend the hike that takes you through the Mascarat Canyon gorge.


How to get to Altea

Fortunately, it is very well connected to the rest of the province of Alicante, so you can reach it by the main motorway running along the coast of Alicante, AP-7, or by N-332. You can also conveniently get there by bus from Alicante, Denia or Benidorm. But we would definitely recommend that you take the tram. It is a very convenient mode of public transport leaving from Alicante (take line 9 to Altea), allowing you to also see other charming nearby towns along the way making it a very pleasant journey indeed.

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