Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file which downloads onto your computer when you access certain webpages on a computer, smartphone, tablet or other similar devices. Cookies permit a webpage, or other sites, to store and retrieve information regarding a user’s browsing habits and their equipment, depending on the information collected and the way in which the equipment functions, are able to recognise the user. 

The user’s browser memorises Cookies on the computer’s hard disk during the time spent on the website and they take up a small part of its memory but do not harm the computer. Cookies do not contain any type of specific personal information and in the majority of cases are deleted from the hard disk once the browsing session is over (the so called Cookie session). 

  1. What type of Cookies are used by the Webpage? 

Browsing the website may result in the installation of the following types of Cookies:


These cookies are used to improve your browsing experience and to optimise the function of our website. The Cookies store the configurations of the service so that they do not have to be reconfigured every time a user visits the website.

  • Optimum video transmission speeds.
  • Content adapted to the user’s browsing habits.
  • To facilitate the visualisation of the user’s preferred content.
  • To store purchases made in the ‘shopping basket’ in E-commerce services.


These Cookies are used to store the geolocation information of the computer or device to offer more adequate content and services.

  • Content adjusted to country, city, etc.


The registration Cookies are created when you register on log in to one of our web portals.

  • So that a user can still be identified, unless they have logged out from the session or disconnected from the portal, if they close their browser.
  • To access certain areas of our web portals, for example to participate in a competition.


These Cookies copy information, in an anonymous manner, regarding your browsing experiences on our website. We can count the number of visitors to the page or the most visited content.

  • We can tell if the user accessing the page is new or a previous visitor.
  • This information can help us to improve the browsing of the website and to provide a better service.


These Cookies record information regarding the displayed adverts to anonymous users on the web portals.- They are able to adapt advertisements to the type of device in use by the user.

  • Providing managed advertisements through third parties (“Ad-servers”) which are not shown on the page in real time.
  • To find out information regarding the results of campaigns such as the number of clicks, duration and frequency of the view, etc.
  • To offer adverts of interest, based on browsing habits.
  1. Deactivating Cookies 

The use may, in any moment, chose that they wish cookies to function on this website through their browser, for example:

  1. Updating the Cookie Policy 

It is possible that we may update the Cookie Policy of our Website, therefore, we recommend that the policy is read every time the user accesses our Website so that they can be adequately informed of the use of cookies.


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