We protect and take care of your property on the Costa Blanca until your return

At ANIMA we provide you with all the solutions in the management of the maintenance of your property, managing it when you are away, and taking care of every detail until you return for your vacation.


We take care of your home as if it were our own

Keeping your home in perfect condition while you are away is easy if you have a team of professionals at your disposal. That is why at Anima we offer a complete range of house maintenance services, adapted to your needs and preferences. We take care of your home so that when you come back you only have to enjoy it. ANIMA offers reliable and expert property management services, we qualify in all aspects of property management.

Everything ready for your return

We ensure that everything remains in perfect condition in your absence, with quality service providers, accustomed to working in homes like yours. The services included range from mowing the lawn or maintaining the pool to watering the plants. A complete service as per your preferences.

Everything ready for your return
Everything ready for your return

Personalized maintenance

Each of our owners has different needs and we are prepared to adapt to them, creating an ideal management plan unique to each person. Following your indications we will create a list of actions appropriate to the requirements of your home.

Frequent inspections

Our team will visit your home on a frequent basis checking any weak points and ensuring its correct functioning. We thus ensure that if anything is not working optimally, our professionals can solve any unforeseen issues in a timely fashion, without any negative consequences for your home or your vacations.

Frequent inspections​
Legal advice​

Legal advice

Your peace of mind is our priority, that’s why we have a team of lawyers who will protect your interests and rights. If during your vacation a problem occurs that requires legal advice, Anima will be available to assist you and we will resolve any doubts or problems that may occur during your stay.

Professional housekeeping

Our experienced and reliable cleaning staff will always work with care and discretion to ensure that your belongings are protected and handled with the utmost care. A frequent and thorough cleaning schedule will ensure that your home is always in perfect condition.

Professional housekeeping​


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